Legislative programmes and proposals

  • Elaboration of legislative proposals aimed at all political groups, in all areas related to the activity of the foundation.


Scientific research and dissemination

  • Realization and dissemination of scientific studies and research on issues of gender diversity, professional development, business and technological progress, among others.


Training and Employment

  • Offer of training programs for women directives, counsellors and personnel of the company responsible for the management of Diversity, organization and management of human resources.
  • Collaboration with educational centers and professionals from different fields in order to visualize professional roles for women, guiding their vocational interests and eradicating gender stereotypes.
  • Creation of specific projects to integrate (or reintegrate) women directives and businesswomen into the dynamics of creation, competitiveness and self-employment demanded by both contemporary society and companies.


Promotion and awareness

  • Organization of sporting and cultural activities to promote and visibility both the role of women in the directive, the company and the value of gender diversity; As well as the different professional options of girls and young people.
  • Conducting cultural and academic events: exhibitions, conferences, symposia, courses, workshops, seminars or others.
  • Articulation of a Think tank for the rapprochement and awareness of the companies on the benefits of diversity.