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The Woman Forward Foundation is a non-profit organization that needs to have the input of people, companies and institutions to channel their goals to generate value for society and contribute to a more egalitarian society.

Becoming a friend of the foundation means that you participate in our values and goals and want with your help to help us make them possible. That you are betting on the promotion of feminine talent and that you are committed to the task of achieving a more egalitarian and inclusive society, with more competitive companies, that contribute to create a more sustainable society.

In exchange for your support, we will inform you on time about our activities and projects and how they move forward. You will also receive our newsletter in which we will invite you to participate in our activities and events.

In addition, we will give you discounts in our training courses and publications and you will benefit from a reduction of 75% of your contribution in your income statement. For more information click here.

Advantages of being a friend of the foundation

  • Contribute through your contributions to girls and women in general to participate actively and free in the generation of economic value of companies, institutions and society. You can see how we do it, by checking the programs section of our website.
  • To help finance research that contributes value to society through the inclusion of women’s gender and the improvement of working conditions and the collaboration of men and women in the field of work.
  • Promotions in the courses that are imparted.
  • Be informed of developments in the field of equal opportunities in all areas
  • Possibility to participate in our blog sharing your experiences and knowledge.
  • facilitate legal and psychological defense through our sexual harassment observatory.
  • Free access to seminars and debates.
  • Benefits in the events of other organizations, for example, free and unlimited access to events organized by Madrid Business Forum and others with which the foundation develops affiliation programs.
  • Reception of the monthly newsletter with relevant information, programs and activities of the Foundation.
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Donation Total: 150€