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“The Principles for Women’s Empowerment are associated with the motto ‘ Equality is a Business ‘, since the full participation of women represents a benefit for companies and therefore for all of us. … .The leading business policies and practices of different sectors and regions of the planet,…….. They offer a practical approach to the advancement of women and point to the way forward to achieve a more prosperous and fair future for all.”

Georg Kell, Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

The Woman Forward Foundation offers companies, in exchange for their participation in solidarity, the possibility to strengthen their brand image, to generate stronger links with stakeholders and to launch a positive message for the future and equal opportunities for society. That allows them to be attractive to attract female talent. Besides, working in companies and institutions equal opportunities, generates many other values:

  • To Bring the demands and business needs of training and qualification to schools and universities, seeking the approximation of the curricula to the demands of the business world.
  • To Strengthen the social reputation of the brand and to improve the knowledge of it at the level of brand awareness and employer branding,
  • Establish ties with future women who can join the company, helping to form the quarry of the female talent.
  • To Make known and sensitize consumers, especially women, about the brand and position it socially responsible.
  • To Comply with the guiding principles of the Global Compact and the National Plan of Action for human rights.
  • Incorporate to the annual report of corporate governance values on diversity, in line with the spirit of the Regulation on non-financial information and diversity.
  • To Place the company’s products in a privileged position in the minds of the “Z” and “Y” generations, for the consumption of the company’s products by this target audience.

Examples of sponsorships that can be customized, depending on your business needs

Friend (fee €150)

Being our friend means that you participate in our values and objectives. That you are betting on the promotion of feminine talent and that you are committed to the task of achieving a more egalitarian and inclusive society, with more competitive companies, that contribute to create a more sustainable society. In exchange for your support, we will inform you on time about our activities and projects and how they move forward. You will also receive our newsletter and we will invite you to participate in our activities and events. We will also give you discounts on our training courses and publications.

Donations in kind

Instead of making an economic contribution, you can also support us by providing infrastructure to celebrate our training courses or events, staff that will promptly help to develop an activity, or any other good or service that is online With the work that we developed in the Foundation.


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