From the result of the research on "The creation of value in the boards of directors, how to increase the number of women in the councils" prepared by the President of the Foundation and Professor Morten Huse, it follows that, the increase of women in Councils, in particular when adopting an inclusive recruitment policy, has the following impact on countries with pro-recruitment practices: *

  • More professional and transparent recruitment policies are favoured.
  • They allow a better balance within the councils, which favor the active participation of women and their contributions, since they are no longer in minority (Token phenomenon).
  • They contribute significantly to the professionalization of the councils, following more professional recruitment policies and raising demands from the point of view of qualifications, particularly in relation to training.
  • This qualification and diversity allow to improve the effectiveness of the Councils, their independence, the defense of the minority shareholders, the sustainability of the company and, in general, a better corporative government.
  • The Women elected act with greater freedom and participation in the councils, assimilating less to the way they act of their male colleagues and enriching decision-making.


The Woman Forward Foundation proposes different actions to promote gender diversity in these bodies:

  • Elaboration of a directory of diversity by sex for large and quoted companies.
  • Annual event (Roundtable/debate), in partnership with the Women on Boards Association (WOB 2020) around diversity in the boards of directors and in the top management.
  • Organization and support to other activities of international campaigns that coincide with the foundational aims.

Mentoring program for counsellors.

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