Interim managers respond to the concept of professionals with extensive experience in different areas of business management who join a company for a limited time and with a specific mission, to solve a task or start a new project.

The talents identified do not become part of the human resources structure of the company, but are used to the extent that they are needed, for the necessary time, getting a new directive capacity at a reduced cost. The companies thus access the talent to partial dedication, benefiting from its formation, experience, capacity of resolution and leadership.


It is possible to pursue diverse needs: initiation of a new line of business, development of a logistic plan, design of a strategy of international expansion, realization of mergers, restructurings, refloating of companies, etc. Therefore, it is an optimal resource for the companies that need at a given moment of their business trajectory of a manager with a specific training or experience, for the realization of a concrete project.

However, the concept of Interim Manager should not be associated with the resolution of crises or situations of negative impact in the life of the company, but the concept of development of exceptional and urgent situations or that require a specific talent to have Guarantee in the development of the same, during the stage of its implementation.


Woman Forward starts up with her program "contracting woman" an interim Management service for women executives, who are potential candidates, offering the possibility of being a postulant as interim Manager through a specialized service in this Recruitment formula.

As a friend of the foundation with a reduced rate, €75 you can benefit from the program.

With this program we intend:

    • To emphasize the capacity of the female directive to offer important solutions in the short term, able to offer benefits to the companies in the long term.
    • To stimulate their adaptability in a changing society, which requires new formulas and leaders to adapt to them.
    • Demonstrate their management and leadership skills.

Find out what the benefits are for your company or for you, if you are a directive. On the next link.