Some 2,000 art professionals denounce sexual harassment in their sector

Creators, gallery owners or police stations relate in a manifest the abuses suffered. They defend that they can no longer be ignored or silenced… Read more. 

The macho scandal dressed in normalcy

The actress, screenwriter and director Leticia hurt denounce the abuses suffered in the first person… I'm 18 years old, it's 23:00 at night and I'm at the farewell party… Read more.  

Now, you can contribute to getting our society to stop covering up the harassment

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Do you want to participate in scientific research and get society to put resources to stop tolerating this phenomenon and eradicate it?

You can participate by filling in a survey anonymously, it will take you no more than 15 minutes, and you will have contributed to take a step in the construction of a more equitable and egalitarian society for all, in which respect the dignity of both sexes equally.


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