A social group that is hardly the subject of attention in the multiple initiatives of corporate social responsibility is that of the people older than 45 years, in particular those affected by the unemployment. Of this group, women are still more vulnerable, being the main group of executives laid off in the restructuring of companies and with virtually zero possibilities for future placement.

According to the ADECCO Foundation, 70.5% of women with more than 45 years have been without finding work for more than a year. Since the crisis began in the year 2007, the number of stops > 45 years, has grown by 260%, reaching the figure of 841,100. Of these, in autonomous communities like Navarra or Madrid, more than 25% are university women with executive positions.

There is a need to launch initiatives to alleviate this problem of increasing magnitude as shown by the graph that affects people with great capacity to work, who have accumulated a significant management experience and potential to generate ideas Innovative and productive projects. If we estimate an average of 20% of the collective of directives, among the 841,100 women older than 45 unemployed, with an average of 20 years of experience, not to give a chance to these women, assumes that more than 3 million years of executive experience and Directiv are wasted. To. Can Spanish society assume this loss?

On the contrary, sharing difficulties in integrating into the labour market is the group of young people who aspire to their first job.

To respond to this problem, the foundation has created the program "WOMEN starting-UPINTECH


This program aims to help women over 45 years of long-term unemployment, with a multi-year directive experience, to be reinstated in the working world by generating companies adapted to the digital economy, through collaboration with Students of the last year of Technological university careers in search of their insertion in the world of work. In turn, it is pursued to generate viable start ups under the advice and supervision of mentors specialized in technological startups, to attend and supervise the development of the projects and to accompany their launch in all phases until the search of capital

In addition, it seeks to provide financial management competencies for women exdirectives so that they can administer the start-up through specific training in this area and accompany their projects over 6 months, so that the women's team and Students can build feasible projects.


If you are a directive and are interested in participating in this program, send us your project through the following link.

If you are a newly graduated student in technology careers or you are in the last year and want to participate in the program, send us your CV.

If you are a company or university and want to participate in the program, please contact us in the following mail.