Mirin Izquierdo Barriuso

Image Mirin Izquierdo

Mirin Izquierdo is a lawyer-economist and master in Community law and digital business management, author of various books on European issues and international trade and more recently in relation to the creation of value in the boards of directors and Gender diversity. See more…

Ana Maria Diaz-Oliver

Ana Gonzalez

Ana María Diaz-Oliver holds a degree in psychology, a master in Human Resources and a master’s degree in research on family with a focus on psychological, educational and social perspectives. She is currently studying in doctoral studies and participates intensely in associative activities… See more…

Carlos Fernández Astiz

Carlos Fernández Astiz

Carlos Fernández Astiz is a journalist and communication specialist and Doctor of information Sciences. He has been a professor at several Spanish and foreign universities and Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Humanities in Madrid. Consultor at Comunicación Politica and… See more…

Juan Arrese Romero

John Arrese

Juan began his professional career in the Bank of Spain, then passed to the Court of Auditors to the National University of Distance Education (UNED) and Avalmadrid S.G. R and the venture Capital C.M.S. A, in which he was technical inspection of credit institutions , Auditor-Intervener of the…See more…

Ana Guzmán Quintana

Ana Guzmán Quintana

Ana holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from CUNEF (UCM) and has a Master’s degree in Portfolio Management from the Institute of Stock Market Studies as well as various higher-level programs related to investment subjects. She is Executive Coach ACT for the International Coach Federation (ICF).
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Ramón Suárez Alonso

Ambassador of the programs: “Woman starting-up in tech” and “approaching talent”

President in Galicia of the European Association of Mentoring AMCES-EMCC and of the association commitment with the Entrepreneurship economy and Social innovation ACEEIS. World Top Influencer #industry40. Teacher/Mentor at universities and business schools. Mentor 4.0 IPAGE and mentor Digital AMTEGA. Xunta Galicia Digital Innovation Award. Award Best practices in innovation and creativity in the European Union.