We are a non-profit organization, made up of people, men and women committed to civil society, willing to unite our efforts to promote women’s leadership, increasing the participation of females in the areas of decision Of the social and economic sphere.

Aware of the high cost to society, both on the part of the inequality and injustice that implies, as well as the loss of competitiveness of the companies and the whole of society, the team of WOMAN FORWARD, wants to serve as a promoter and catalyst for Initiatives to alleviate this gap, both by promoting initiatives, and by adding to proposals from institutions, organizations, associations and other people.

Woman Forward wants to be a unifying voice of all those who want to join with practical and inclusive initiatives on the difficult path to gender parity and the creation of a better, more equitable and competitive society, capable of offering equal Opportunities and to promote that people can develop without limits by reason of their sex in all their capacities, and throughout their life.

Who-we are

The social purpose of the foundation is to increase the participation of women in the areas of decision-making in the economic sphere, emphasizing the relationship that this has with the defense of democratic values and universal human rights such as equality. All this reflected in the following strategic lines:

    • Promote gender inclusion and diversity policies in the human resources management strategy to improve skills and talent.
    • To promote models of leadership and inclusive governance to encourage participation, cooperation and dialogue in enterprises.
    • To help institutions and companies develop social leadership and commitment to equality.
  • To give an example of the commitment of prestigious companies, for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.

    • To propose models of social innovation and sustainability to guide the ways of study of the girls and to overcome the stereotypes women and men in the family and in the company.
    • To work for the elimination of stereotypes by sex that may affect the choice of studies and professions, teaching and direction of the educational centers.
    • To exert pressure, individually or jointly, to defend gender equality and to collaborate with leading associations, institutions and companies in the promotion of the integration of women in the enterprise and institutions of social power, as well as in the generation of New opportunities for women and students.
  • To promote and recognize women’s leadership and their contribution and participate in any national, international community-based institutional consultative mechanism.

    • To use philanthropic programs and scholarships to support business commitment to integration, equality and the defense of human rights.
    • disseminate business policies and implementation plans in favor of gender equality.
    • Establish benchmarks to assess the integration of women directives and businesswomen.
    • To evaluate and disseminate the progress achieved, both internally and externally, through the use of sex-disaggregated data. Integrating gender indicators into ongoing accountability obligations.
    • Periodic monitoring of the application of the balanced presence of women and men in the positions of representation and political decision, analyzing their evolution and detecting the difficulties that may hinder their fulfilment.
  • Support the integration of women into high-level work networks.

Girls with paint on the face

    • To promote the female entrepreneurship, supporting the creation of companies and the self-employment.
    • Promote awareness-raising and training activities in equality education, in particular for male groups, in enterprises and in public and political institutions.
    • To promote the incorporation, in conditions of equal opportunities, of women and men, to the information society and in technology.
    • To promote and consolidate equality of opportunity and the human rights of women in foreign policy and international cooperation.
    • Developing programs and developing projects to get the foundation’s different objectives in place.
  • To create alliances with organizations, institutions and companies to promote the fulfillment of the objectives of the Foundation. To develop and disseminate scientific research in relation to the areas of action of the Foundation.

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