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The Woman Forward Foundation

Contributing to the equity of society, the competition of businesses, and the sustainability of society.

We are a non-profit organization that creates value in organizations by boosting female talent and gender equality. Women and men committed to civil society, ready to join forces to increase female participation and influence social and economic decision-making. Woman Forward promotes measures that bolster gender equality in the workplace and the strengthen the strategy of companies.  

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A unique model

The equality framework in the company

The Woman Forward Foundation has developed various tools through its online platform that allow companies of all sizes to register, evaluate, and comply with legislation in relation with its promotion of gender equality.

Online Tools that are available on our online platform that companies of all sizes may register for

Woman Forward Equality Business Index ©

Woman Forward Diagnosis of Equal Opportunities ©

Woman Forward Equality and Competitiveness Certification ©

Channel for Reporting Sexual and Gender-based Harassment

The results of the analysis indicates which areas that need change and what can be done to improve the effectiveness of equal opportunity policies



The organizations interested in implementing measures to support equality can economically and effectively work with partner organizations and with the support of the Foundation on the betterment of their policies through adherence of:

SMART goals

(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely)

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Our research

Both real-world results and research demonstrate the positive impact of gender equality in the workplace and especially in the government.

The Woman Forward Foundation has created a research committee composed of national and international experts in order to create useful resources based on competition, sustainability and good governmence for the benefit of companies.


Research to promote the creation of value and equality in the workplace: suggestions to improve

Research article: “The perspective of men on gender equality in the Spanish workplace”

In collaboration with APD

Research article: “Female leadership and its perspective on the impact of technological transformation in business”

In collaboration with AUGERE

In addition to a research committee, The Woman Forward Foundation has created a think tank composed of business leaders to circulate research and information, as well as to serve as an example to organizations less aware of the value of diversity

Rosa Santos

Director of the labor relations department of CEOE

Manuel Pérez-Sala

President of the Círculo of Entrepreneurs

María Andrés Marín

Director of the Office of the European Parliament Office in Spain


Giuseppe Tringali

President Global Corporation Center IE/EY

We analyze the impact of gender equality in organizations and their contribution to the economy. We then develop measures that can promote their sustainability and good governance.

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Inspiring diversity in the business world

The Woman Forward Award for Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity

The Woman Forward Foundation, within the framework of its think tank, has launched an award for corporate governance and gender diversity. It is rewarded to the most committed companies and professionals, who can serve as an example and reference to other companies to help them achieve competitiveness and respect for human rights alongside the principles of sustainable development which our outlined in the 2030 agenda.

Training to promote women’s leadership

We develop programs, courses and worships which will enhance your competitiveness and make your company more visible, improving networking opportunities which will foster collaboration with other female led businesses.

Developing talent

Developing talent

In collaboration with companies and the scientific world in general, we carry out activities to bring girls and young women closer to reaching employment in STEM corporations.

Women Starting-Up InTech

Women Starting-Up InTech

We help women over 45 who have managerial experience to reintegrate into the world of work by creating companies that are better adapted to the digital economy.

Mentoring and female empowerment

Mentoring and female empowerment

We aim to increase the personal power, assertiveness and self-confidence of our participates in order to enhance women’s leadership in society.

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The Woman Forward Foundation is a non-profit organization that needs the contribution of people, companies and institutions to achieve its objectives of generating a valuable and equal society.


Become a sponsor of The Woman Forward Foundation and strength your company image, create strong relationships with stake holders and send a positive message to society about the future of equality. You can donate with other organizations or individuals who also hold the same values and objectives as The Foundation.


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Déjanos tus datos y accede a la investigación

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