Woman Forward Foundation

The social purpose of the foundation is to increase the participation of women in the areas of decision-making in the economic sphere, emphasizing the relationship that this has with the defense of democratic values and universal human rights such as equality. All this reflected in the following strategic lines:

  • Promote gender inclusion and diversity policies in the human resources management strategy to improve skills and talent.
  • To promote models of leadership and inclusive governance to encourage participation, cooperation and dialogue in enterprises.
  • To help institutions and companies develop social leadership and commitment to equality.
  • To give an example of the commitment of prestigious companies, for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.
  • To propose models of social innovation and sustainability to guide the ways of study of the girls and to overcome the stereotypes women and men in the family and in the company.
  • To work for the elimination of stereotypes by sex that may affect the choice of studies and professions, teaching and direction of the educational centers.
  • To exert pressure, individually or jointly, to defend gender equality and to collaborate with leading associations, institutions and companies in the promotion of the integration of women in the enterprise and institutions of social power, as well as in the generation of New opportunities for women and students.
  • To promote and recognize women’s leadership and their contribution and participate in any national, international community-based institutional consultative mechanism.
  • To use philanthropic programs and scholarships to support business commitment to integration, equality and the defense of human rights.

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Our mission

To promote rigorous study and training in equality, bringing the results of scientific research on women’s leadership to educational centres and companies in order to promote transformations in the dynamics of the management teams and in the Boards of directors; Improving corporate governance, influencing business sustainability and ultimately influencing society through committed and continuous work. We intend to contribute to the formation of girls and women as the key to access any category and job position they choose, providing initiatives for their full personal and professional fulfillment.

Our Vision

To serve the society and the companies contributing to the use and value of the feminine talent generating, also, knowledge capable of creating value and to guarantee the business and social sustainability.

Areas of Action

  1. Legislative programmes and proposals.
  2. Scientific research and dissemination.
  3. Training and employment.
  4. Promotion and awareness

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All the projects of the WomanForward Foundation are based on real, direct and sensitive studies and research. In which we will only see a change acting in education from childhood to begin to correct these biases.


Mentoring course “Fostering managerial talent”.

The Woman Forward Foundation, in order to promote women’s leadership in society, has as one of its main objectives, to support the presence of women in management positions and boards of directors. Therefore, it develops as one of the actions of its current strategic Plan a mentoring program.

The goal of the mentoring program is to improve the position of women in the business world:

  • Empowering those who now occupy intermediate command positions.
  • Identifying and developing their management and managerial skills.
  • Generating strategies that promote their professional growth.

“Approaching Talent” program.

Woman Forward pursues, in this area, to promote projects that help to discover this bias in the female collective since the girls begin to feel relegated in situations of being able to expand the number of matters for which they are interested. It is that every girl or teenager feels free when choosing her dream in life and empowered to pursue it.

To this end, Woman Forward plans to organize various activities of bringing girls and adolescents to STEM positions with companies-and with the scientific world in general-through the program “bringing talent.” We want, for example, for girls to check the realities of scientific jobs and to be able to receive the testimony of STEM-race men and women in positions of leadership in enterprises.


Against sexual harassment, zero tolerance.

In Spain there is no real data because this topic has generally been considered taboo traditionally. Following the allegations of the Hollywood actresses different collectives have decided to break their silence.

Therefore, the OAS sexual Harassment Observatory, created by the Woman Forward Foundation, wants to investigate the real situation in Spain and study measures to prevent more women from experiencing this serious situation in their working environments.

You can participate in the survey anonymously, it will take you no more than 15 minutes, and you have contributed to take a step in the construction of a society more equitable and egalitarian for all, which respects the dignity of both sexes equally.

“Women starting-up in tech” program.

A social group that is hardly the subject of attention in the multiple initiatives of corporate social responsibility (or corporative) is that of the people older than 45 years, in particular, those affected by the unemployment. Of this group, women are still more vulnerable, being the main group of executives laid off in the restructuring of companies and with virtually zero possibilities for future placement.


Interim Management. “Contracting Women” program.

In the field of executive women, woman Forward starts the Interim Management program: “Contracting Women”, offering the possibility to those candidates in selection processes led by a selection of headhunters specialized in this Recruitment formula.

Initiatives for senior management and women in the Council

For the women in Advice category, the Woman Forward Foundation proposes different actions to promote gender diversity in these bodies:

  • Directory of diversity by sex for large and quoted companies.
  • Annual event (Roundtable/debate), in partnership with the Women on Boards Association (WOB 2020) around diversity in the boards of directors and in the top management.
  • Organization and support to other activities of international campaigns that coincide with the foundational aims.

Project “Píntanos your T-shirt and empower women”

To socialize values of equity, Verbalizarlos and to leave mark through names that we identify by being part of our day to day; It is easier to launch ideas that reinforce equality in our society. “Píntanos your shirt and empower women” invites men and women, leaders in their fields of action, to translate on a T-shirt short sentences or slogans that reflect their feelings/commitment/desires/demands to empower women’s leadership and essentially , so that women have the same opportunities as men in all vital spheres.

“Women for Good INDEX (W4GI)” Program

The Women for GOOD INDEX (W4GI) will analyze with an academic, reliable and independent criterion, the main Spanish companies that compose the shopping basket and will show those that are more prepared to meet the demands of the women. It will be a bottom-up analysis using quantitative criteria. It is intended to design and apply the methodology of the impact index of diversity in consumer brands.

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