Equality Made Art Program

Representing equality through art

Objectives of the Program

Who is the target audience?

Adolescents of both sexes between 12 and 16 years old, ESO students.
Company staff
Companies interested in promoting equality as a fundamental value through education


Promote the elimination of unconscious biases by highlighting the true value of equality.

To promote observation through art, on discriminations and biases in daily life.

Improve the perception of equality behaviors in daily life.

Encourage the participation of girls in the economic sphere.

Use skills to spread the message of equality in a graphic and eye-catching way through participation and collaboration in the program.

Discarding gender-based violence.

Work on the limiting barriers of the environment, in particular, of boys towards girls, the lack of empowerment of the most vulnerable, in general with girls.   

To disseminate the values of a more egalitarian, equitable and sustainable society, more competitive companies, as well as to generate value through diversity and inclusion.