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Woman Forward has created a research committee formed by national and international experts to create useful resources for companies so that they may benefit from practical knowledge for their competitiveness, sustainability and good governance.

Multiple international studies point to the positive impact of gender equality in companies and in particular in their governing bodies.

At Woman Forward we have created a Research Committee and a Think Tank whose conclusions form the basis of activities that the Foundation develops with companies and women to promote female empowerment and equal opportunities.

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Research on the impact of equality on urban mobility and its relation to diversity inclusion and equal opportunities.

The most advanced organizations in talent management seek to promote the integral wellbeing of the workforce and the people living with them. For this reason, there is increasing concern in detecting and analyzing how to meet real needs that affect the sustainability of teams, including equality and the inclusion of diversity, as a way to promote the competitiveness of organizations.

This research aims to identify urban mobility needs, combined with the gender preferences of employees, their time management requirements, and their personal needs.

Research study: The situation of the boards of directors of large media groups in Spain.

The glass ceiling still exists in 2022. Men continue to dominate management positions, which is why it is necessary to increase the presence of women in senior positions in the media.

Research to promote the creation of value and equality in the workplace: suggestions to improve

Currently the objectives of achieving a decisive female participation in decision- making positions in companies and organizations have insufficient results.

This research highlights the different reasons why gender diversity adds value to companies, the barriers that such diversity faces and what good practices we can find in some of the largest and most diverse companies that can serve as a reference.

Fecha: 4 de Noviembre

Research article: “The perspective of men on gender equality in the Spanish workplace”

Equal rights are registered in Europe in all Constitutions, but it is still not the norm in the world of work. We have talked about professional equality for more than 20 years, but men’s voices and opinions are often not heard or sought, despite the fact that they occupy about 87% of the management committees of large companies. The Woman Forward Foundation, in collaboration with the Universidad Pontificia Comillas wants to analyze through this research the level of personal conviction of men in relation to gender equality, as well as the questions and concerns raised by this dynamic, seeking to identify what, according to men, companies should do to achieve more equality in companies.

Research article: “Female leadership and its perspective on the impact of technological transformation in business”

Augere and the Woman Forward Foundation have signed a research agreement to learn first-hand about the female vision of the impact of digital transformation in organizations. Through a cycle of interviews in which the first female executives of this country, Presidents and CEOs of the most relevant companies, share how digitization is transforming their companies, their culture, the way of working and of relating internally and with their clients .

Research Committee

Meet our national and international experts

Morten Huse

Professor of Organization

Paloma Bilbao

Professor of Strategic Management at the Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE 

Eugenia Fabra

Professor at the Comillas Pontifical University

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Carmen Márquez

Professor at the University of Seville


Wafa Khlif

Teacher at TBS Barcelona

Alessandra Rigolini

Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa

Ljiljana Erakovic

Associate Professor at the University of Auckland

Mirian Izquierdo interview with Lord Davies

Interview by Mirian Izquierdo with Lord Davies about the gender situation in councils in the United Kingdom.


Board Leadership for Strategic Transformation: Aligning Diversity Initiatives at the Bank of New Zealand (2016).

Monique Cikaliuk et al.

Representation, Materiality and Decision Control. Essays on the role of Board of Directors as an Intrmediate Actor in Corporate Governance (2016).

Jari Melgin.

Board leadership and governance for clear-sighted CEO successionat Air New Zealand (2014).

Monique Cikaliuk et al.

Corporate Governance and leadership: The Board as the Nexus of leadership in Governance

Ljiljana Erakovic

Docs Family Involvement Influence Firm Perfomance? Exploring them Mediating Effects of Board Processes and Tasks

Alessandro Zattoni

Board leadership and Strategy Involement in Small Firms: A Team Production Approach

Silke Machold

Recruiting outside board members in the small family busines: an ideological challenge

Bengt johannisson

Women directors’ contribution to board decision-marketing and strategic involement: The role of equality perception

Sabina Nielsen

Women and Employee-Elected Board Members, and Their Contribution to Board  Control tasks

Morten Huse

Increasing the Number of Women on Boards: The Role of Actors and Processes

Morten Huse

Governance Systems in Family SMEs: The Susbstitution Effects between Family Coincils and Corporate Governance Mechanisms

Luca Gnan

“Outside” Directors in SME Boards: A Call for theoretical Reflections

Jonas Gabrielsson

Boards, Governance and Value Creation. What is the role of boards in corporate?

Morten Huse

El caso Abengoa
y las paradojas

Mirian Izquierdo 

El caso Volkswagen y la responsabilidad del consejo de administración

Jonas Gabrielsson

Institutional Complementarilies and Gebder Diversity on Boards: A Configurational Approach

Michela Iannotta

Searching form Women on Boards: An Analysis from the Supply and Demand perspective

Patricia Gabaldon

The Contribution of Women on Boards of Directors: Going beyond the Surface

Sabina Nielsen

Publications and Reports


Book “Libro Blanco de las emociones y valores”

Book “Oportunidades iguales. cómo impulsar el liderazgo femenino”


Book “Gobierno Corporativo e Igualdad de Género”


Book “Boards, Governance and Value Creation”

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Déjanos tus datos y accede a la investigación

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