Do you want to collaborate with the Woman Forward Foundation?

With your help we can build a more equitable and egalitarian society, more competitive companies, and a more sustainable country.

Sponsorship for companies

Woman Forward Foundation offers companies, in exchange for their participation in solidarity, the possibility to strengthen their brand image, to generate stronger links with stakeholders and to launch a positive message for the future. As well as, equal opportunities for society, that allows them to be attractive to attract female talent. Besides, working in companies and institutions equal opportunities, generates many other values:

Ejemplos de patrocinios que se pueden personalizar, según las necesidades de su empresa





In-Kind Donation

Instead of making an economic contribution, you can also support us by providing infrastructure to celebrate our training courses or events, staff that will promptly help to develop an activity, or any other good or service that is in line with the work that we develop in the Foundation.

For more information about our sponsorship packages, please send an email to