What is the Woman Forward © Equality and Competitiveness Certification?

It is a revolutionary tool that certifies companies on equality, allowing the completion of the non-financial information report.

The certification allows to know in a short time and in an automated way if the company is aligned with equality policies, the national human rights plan and the 2030 agenda

What are the advantages of the Woman Forward © Equality and Competitiveness Certification?

Tool accessible via web from specialized Cloud infrastructure and secure account

Repository and history of information and documentation for the tasks of improvement and evaluation in matters of equality in the organization

Index individualized by organization with multi-account for the corporate team

Completion of study topics in equality in accordance with current regulations, personalized by organization and with automatic calculation of the Gender Gap

Generation of the automatic calculation of the distribution indicator and the Gender Gap resulting from the workforce composition analysis.

The Woman Forward © Certification in Equality and Competitiveness allows access to a more complete report, to 14 equality policies and to verify the company.

Woman Forward Seal for equality and competitiveness

Woman Forward Seal to progress and commitment to equality

A SWOT report shows the challenges and threats, opportunities and strengths
in the different areas.

It allows to visualize the
degree of compliance
with the different policies

Compare between
companies by sector,
size and location

Methodology of the Certification in Equality and Competitiveness Woman Forward©

Validation of the impact areas process and evaluation criteria

Measurement system validation

Validation of the WF Verification Process

Verification and Granting of the Seal

Presentation of the Woman Forward Certification in Equality and Competitiveness©

Access to buy the WF Equality and Competitiveness Certification© directly