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The Yearbook of Female Leadership in Spain

The Female Leadership Yearbook is a project with an annual vocation, focused on making female talent, its achievements and potential, visible with the aim of being a tool for consultation and reference in the business and corporate world. A professional compilation of important documentary value, which bears witness to the longitudinal situation and evolution of women entrepreneurs and managers in Spain.

Why sponsor the yearbook?

It allows sponsorship to be included within the strategy and management of the Equality Plan of companies, and can be disseminated among their workers, thereby reinforcing their commitment to equality, improving their visibility. As well as in the annual non-financial information report for listed companies and in the Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Its presentation is scheduled in several Autonomous Communities and Town Councils by the hand of their authorities, which will entail numerous advertising and dissemination impacts in the local media.

It is the first professional guide-compilation on who is who in female leadership in Spain, so it will allow to know which associations are the most relevant in this field and which are the most outstanding events and their organisers.

There are several general media partners, specialised in human resources and women’s issues, who have expressed an interest in covering your content and presentations.

Desarrollar una cultura de gobierno corporativo en la empresa y procesos asociados.  

Transmitir buenas prácticas corporativas.

Analizar el papel de los distintos stakeholders, adelantarse a los riesgos y maximizar oportunidades. 

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