What is the Woman Forward Equality Index©?

It is a revolutionary tool that allows companies to measure their situation regarding the main equality policies.

The Index allows to know in a short time and in an automated way if the company is aligned with gender diversity policies.

What are the advantages of the Woman Forward Equality Index©?

Improve company equality policies

Represents a guide to know in which area to start
working to achieve equality

It allows you to participate in the Woman Forward Foundation Business Club

It is a 100% online platform and accessible to any size of company

Allows companies to compare themselves by size and location

Equality Business Index version

With the tool you can access the 6 most relevant equality policies that will help distinguish the company for its equality policy:

How is the report generated by the
Woman Forward Equality Index ©?

The report allows a clear understanding of the situation and the needs for improvement around all equality issues through advanced graphics.

The Woman Forward © Equality and Competitiveness Index allows access to a more complete report, 14 equality policies and to verify the company.

Woman Forward Seal for
equality and competitiveness

Woman Forward seal to progress and commitment to equality

A SWOT report shows the challenges and threats, opportunities and strengths
in the different areas.

It allows to visualize the
degree of compliance
with the different policies
Compare between
companies by sector,
size and location

Woman Forward Equality and Competitiveness Index©

Validation of the impact areas process and evaluation criteria

Measurement system validation

WF Verification Process Validation

Verification and Granting of the Seal

The Woman Forward © Equality and Competitiveness Index helps attract investors and meet sustainability indicators and non-financial indices

Presentation Equality Index Woman Forward ©

Available versions
of the Woman Forward © Equality Index


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