What is the Woman Forward Equality Index©?

It is a revolutionary tool that allows companies to measure their situation regarding the main equality policies.

The Index allows to know in a short time and in an automated way if the company is aligned with gender diversity policies.

What are the advantages of the Woman Forward Equality Index©?

Improve company equality policies

Represents a guide to know in which area to start
working to achieve equality

It allows you to participate in the Woman Forward Foundation Business Club

It is a 100% online platform and accessible to any size of company

Allows companies to compare themselves by size and location

Equality Business Index version

With the tool you can access the 6 most relevant equality policies that will help distinguish the company for its equality policy:

What is the report generated by the
Woman Forward Business Equality Index ©?

The report it generates makes it possible to clearly understand the situation and the needs for improvement around all equality issues through advanced graphics.

The Woman Forward © Equality and Competitiveness Index helps attract investors and meet sustainability indicators and non-financial indices

Available versions
of the Woman Forward © Equality Index


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