What is the aim of our training program?

Our aim is to contribute to a more equitable and egalitarian society, the competition of companies and a more sustainable country ™

Training, visibility and networking

Woman Forward offers training to all companies and organizations that want to join the difficult path towards gender parity and the creation of a better, more equitable and competitive society, capable of offering equal opportunities.

Our programs and workshops for young professionals, female managers and board members will help you develop skills that will enable you and your firm to be more competitive and increase your self-confidence.

We create spaces that allow you to exchange experiences, make talent visible and encourage collaboration with other women managers.

Training for Corporate Management and Boards

The program is based on modules related to corporate governance. It is designed to instill values on boards of directors, responding to the demands of institutional investors in relation to responsible capitalism and disentanglement the relationship between the board and the company’s stakeholders.

Are you a female executive, board member, CEO or manager of large and medium-sized companies who is thinking of setting up a board?


Internationalization Course
Export management in the hands of your company

The Internationalization Course Exporting in the hands of the company: Your guide to success is aimed at all those managers, technicians, and professionals who want to acquire the necessary skills to lead the transformation of companies through the implementation of internationalization, as well as export veterans who wish to deepen their knowledge of the subject and to make their exports more profitable.

Practical Course on Equality Policies for Businesses

Course focused on the practical application of equality in the company and the implementation of a management system. The course delves into issues related to the real and effective implementation of the strategy of equality and inclusion, not only for compliance with legal regulations, but also to move towards strategic objectives of impact that contribute to the creation of value in companies.


Holistix ©

In this workshop you will learn psycho-nutrition tools to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that also enabling you to maintain an optimal level of physical activity. In addition to food labelling, we will learn about macronutrients and the management of negative emotions through mindful eating.

Do you want to know how psycho-nutrition can benefit you?

Unconscious Biases ©

We all have cognitive biases; irrational beliefs that we are not aware of that can sometimes be limit our perspectives. In addition to identifying these limiting beliefs, breaking stereotypes and labels, in this workshop we will learn about the challenge of managing Diversity and Inclusion and acquire tools to build inclusive leadership.

Concepts such as D&I, brief reflection or the I as an inclusive leader are part of the content of the workshop.

Mentoring and Women's Empowerment ©

Awareness of oneself, one’s own beliefs and limitations is essential to better focus your professional career. The aim of this workshop is to analyze the internal and environmental barriers to professional development and contentious situations to help generate greater self-confidence and self-awareness, both personally and professionally.

Work on your inhibitory beliefs and gain the keys to gain self-confidence.

Strategic Alignment and Organizational Change ©

In a world of constant movement, accepting and adapting to change is fundamental. In this training we will discuss the tools to promote an attitude to change. We will learn the different phases and emotions that may occur throughout the process of change and we will design your Change Management Plan to minimize resistance and lead successfully

Personal Empowerment ©

Developing a knowledge of personal feelings is fundamental to achieving a balance between personal and professional roles. In this program we will learn how to become aware of our own beliefs, emotions and image, and analyze the internal and environmental barriers in professional development. This will enable us to generate self-confidence both in the personal and professional fields.

The Soul of Leadership ©

The ability to manage diverse talent and generate a sense of belonging in a company are essential skills to be a good leader. In addition to discussing male versus female empowerment techniques and identifying dysfunctions, this program applies the EACH model focused on the three pillars of Empowerment (letting go), Accountability (trusting and granting responsibility) and Courage (admitting mistakes and criticisms) to good leadership.

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