Do you want to contribute to creating a more equal society and more competitive companies?

We are a non-profit institution that creates value in organizations by promoting female talent and equality in the workplace. We are made up of women and men that committed to civil society, willing to join forces to increase the participation and influence of women in the spheres of decision making environments.

Woman Forward Foundation

Creating value in organizations, through the promotion of female leadership


To serve society and organizations via the enhancement of female talent, the promotion of competitiveness and sustainability of corporate governance.

We are a non-profit institution that promotes female empowerment and gender diversity; women and men committed to civil society, willing to join forces to promote female leadership, increase the participation and influence of women decision making in social and economic environments. Woman Forward promotes equality measures in companies that promote female talent and help strengthen the role of women in the workplace.



Promote rigorous study and training in equality, bringing the results of scientific research on female leadership to educational centers and companies.


Improve corporate governance, influence business sustainability and, ultimately, influence society through committed work.


We promote the crucial access of women and girls to employment opportunities and decision-making environments.

Legislative programs and proposals

Preparation of legislative proposals aimed at political groups in areas related to equal opportunity and corporate governance.

Scientific Research and Publishing

The Foundation conducts and disseminates scientific studies and research on gender equality and diversity policies, female entrepreneurship, female development and leadership, the gender gap, the technological gender gap, access to top decision-making positions, WoB, corporate governance, among others.

Training and employment

  • The Foundation offers training programs for women entrepreneurs, businesswomen, directors and company staff responsible for the organization and management of human resources.
  • The Foundation also collaborates with educational centers to encourage the study of STEM careers and the leadership of women and girls.

Promotion and awareness

  • The Foundation organizes cultural and academic events: exhibitions, conferences, colloquiums, courses, workshops, seminars…
  • The Foundation also encourages the articulation of its think tank, which promotes awareness within companies of the benefits of gender equality and allows those companies that already maintain equality to serve as an example.

Think Tank

At The Woman Forward Foundation we have created a research committee and a think tank made up of business leaders to study the impact of gender equality in organizations and its contribution to the economy as a whole.

From the think tank we disseminate actions so that companies can benefit from knowledge for their competitiveness, sustainability and level of good governance.

The think tank aims to raise awareness, using scientific research, gathering proposals for the creation of female empowerment and leadership in the company and in particular in the highest decision-making positions.

Rosa Santos

Directora del departamento de relaciones laborales CEOE

María Jesús Almazar

Consejera Delegada en Telefónica España


Carmelo Angulo

Socio Director y fundador de ANGULO BARTUREN Diplomacia corporativa (ABCD)


Maite Aranzabal

Vicepresidente de Adolfo Domínguez 


Sara Bieger

Presidenta de la Cámara de Comercio de Madrid

Paloma Bilbao

Professor of Strategic Management at Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE 

Lucia Casanueva

Founding partner of PROA Comunicación

Manuel Pérez-Sala

President of the Entrepreneurs’ Circle


Mario de Gaviria

Business Management Executive

Marta García-Valenzuela

Diversity & Inclusive Leadership Partner at Talengo

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Luis García

Directora General de Llorente y Cuenca


Eva Levy

Managing Partner at Eva Levy & Partners

Margarita López

General Manager of Sanofi Spain

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Carmen Marquez

Professor at the University of Seville

Pilar Menor

Senior Partner DLAPiper Spain y Global Co Chair Employment and Pensions DLA Piper. President of Forelab

Sergio Rodriguez

Chairman & CEO Pfizer Spain


Enrique Sánchez De León

Managing Director of APD

Beatriz Corredor

Presidenta del Grupo Red Eléctrica y del Consejo de Administración

Eugenia Fabra

Profesora de la Universidad Pontifica Comillas

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Woman Forward Foundation Awards

The Woman Forward Foundation created the 1st Edition of the Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity Awards with the aim of inspiring gender diversity in organisations.

The main objective of the award is to distinguish companies and institutions that have integrated gender diversity within the framework of good corporate governance, and secondly, to obtain the greatest possible social impact creating diversity in the corporate world, institutions and society.

The Team



Mirian Izquierdo


Mirian Izquierdo is a lawyer-economist and holds a Master’s degree in EU Law and Digital Business Management. She also completed a diploma in Board of Directors from Harvard Business School and a diploma in Negotiation from the Karras Group. She speaks 5 languages. She is the author of several books on European issues and international trade, some of them of include the “Business handbook for the European Union” and “The European Union with regard to local and regional authorities”. Furthermore, she has more recently authored books in relation to the creation of value in boards of directors and gender diversity, these include “Equal opportunities, boosting women’s leadership” as well as research published with Professor Huse.

Maryam Luzárraga

Vice President

Maryam Luzárraga Monasterio is a lawyer and economist with expertise in strategic planning and business competitiveness, advising start-ups and Business Angel.  She developed her professional experience abroad and as partner with large multinational consultancy firms. She holds a Master’s degree in European law and International Trade from the Universities of Deusto, Robert Schumann Unviersity, University of Leuven, Solvay Business School and ESADE.

Paloma Barandiarán


Paloma Barandiarán is a legal director, practicing trial lawyer, CEO GSG Legal Counsel, specializing in LegalTech and innovation strategies and its application in the legal arena.

She has 16 years of experience in the Courts, knowledge of LegalTech and innovation, extensive training in each legal area, these include; “International Business Law”, “Compliance law”, and “LegalTech”, “civil and criminal procedure” and “labour”.

During her professional career she has developed as an independent lawyer, and in turn as a lawyer for large companies such as Banco Santander, assuming the control and management of external law firms nationwide and taking decisive decisions in legal proceedings that were particularly crutial in the 2011 crisis. She was later hired by the Santalucía Group in its initiative to create an external law firm for the company, in which she provided professional services and knowledge as a litigation lawyer.

She is currently in charge of a large team of lawyers at GSG Legal Counsel, distributed in offices located in Spain, Europe and Latin America, working in all disciplines: civil, commercial, criminal, labour, administrative and LegalTech matters.

Mario de Gaviria


Mario de Gaviria holds a degree in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid, was a consultant at Olsen & Baringo Consulting from 1996 to 2000 and worked as a financial analyst focused on international business development, particularly in Mexico.

Carlos Fernández Astiz


Carlos Fernández Astiz is a journalist and communications specialist. He holds a PhD in Information Sciences. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Humanities at the UEM and lecturer at various Spanish and foreign universities. He is also the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Humanities in Madrid. He is a consultant in political and corporate communication for companies in various sectors, as well as political parties, institutions and organizations in their electoral and communication processes.

Mirentxu Aquerreta


Mirentxu Aquerreta es licenciada en Administración y Dirección de Empresas. Tiene estudios de postgrado en Finanzas por la Universidad Pontificia de Comillas y en Comunicación Corporativa por la Universidad de Columbia. Ha desarrollado su actividad en firmas de servicios profesionales, dirigiendo áreas de Consultoría Estratégica y Financiera. Igualmente ha sido Directora Financiera y de Auditoría Interna en empresas cotizadas. Actualmente es miembro del consejo de administración de dos compañías, CEO en una de ellas, además de ejercer la consultoría estratégica. En el año 2018 comenzó su docencia en las facultades de Económicas y Derecho de la Universidad Pontificia Comillas, donde imparte la asignatura de Gobierno Corporativo en último curso de grado y en el MBA.

Teresa Serrano Sordo


Teresa Serrano es doctora en derecho, actualmente tiene el cargo de Directora del área de asesoramiento y gestión de riesgo de Compliance. Experta en Gobierno Corporativo con amplia experiencia en sectores regulados como el sector financiero. Investigadora de la Cátedra de Mercados Financieros de la Universidad CEU San Pablo  y socia del Instituto de Capital Riesgo (INCARI). Además ha sido Co-fundadora de la Asociación Española de Capital Riesgo.

Management Committee

Maryan Luzarraga

Senior Advisor at PwC Estrategia and Competitividad

Recurso 17@4x-8

Diana Morato

Directora digital en TotumGroup

Teresa Serrano

Directora de Compliance  e Investigadora de la Cátedra de Mercados Financieros de Universidad CEU San Pablo

Recurso 19@4x-8

Rocío Ingelmo

Directora de asuntos corporativos y legales en ALTADIS

Álvaro Vázquez

Jefe de Comercio electrónico y ecommerce en Diario ABC, Fundador de DDigitals

Comité de investigación

Morten Huse

Catedrático de Organización
Profesor Emerito en BI Norwegian Business School

Paloma Bilbao

Profesora de Gestión Estratégica en la Universidad Pontifica Comillas ICAI-ICADE  

Eugenia Fabra

Profesora de la Universidad Pontifica Comillas

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Carmen Márquez

Catedrática de la Universidad de Sevilla


Wafa Khlif

Profesora en TBS Barcelona

Alessandra Rigolini

Profesora asociada del Departamento de Economía y Gestión de la Universidad de Pisa

Ljiljana Erakovic

Profesora asociada en la universidad de Auckland

Comité Asesor


Juan Prieto

Founder & CEO of Corporance Asesores de Voto


Eva Ivars

Chief Executive Officer, Afflelou Spain

Elena Tapia

Independent Director. Partner of the Council for Innovation and Good Governance (CIBG)

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Pilar García

Counselor of Amadeus and Renta4

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Mercedes Elipe

Development Director of Institute for Positive Change Management (IMm)

Diseño sin título - 2021-11-04T120741.707

Francisco Giménez

Founder & CEO of AUGERE

Diseño sin título - 2021-11-04T110619.663

Belén Martín

Territorial Manager of CaixaBank in Castilla y León

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Ana Palencia

Independent Director, Co-director of Sustainability Leadership HUB -IE


Alexandra Polacci

Member Partner & Coordinator of APRI ESG Group

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Juan Carlos Santé

Founder of Sante and Partners


Iñigo Zúñiga

Managing Partner of Código Media


Fran Ares

Founder and CEO of Glocally


Charo Izquierdo

Independent Director

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Blanca Sanchez

Partner Director of People First Executive Search


Carmen Romero

Presenter of the program Audiencia TVE

Diseño sin título - 2021-11-04T133113.739

Rocio Ingelmo

Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs at ALTADIS

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