Internationalization Course

“Export management in the hands of your company: your guide to success”

A unique, innovative, and didactic course with experiences, methods and information aimed at all those involved in internationalization: exportation executives, trainers, students and foreign trade institutions.

Are you looking for an importer? Do you know what an importer's biggest fear is?

The biggest fear is not knowing who is exporting for him, his reliability, his experience, his quality in export management, his care with costs and quality of his suppliers. The importer is looking for an exporter who will not cause damage, who will be profitable, who will give him continuity in time, tranquility in the quality of the product, respect for deadlines, care with costs. In short, he is looking for professionalism and competitiveness. Finally, an importer will be enthusiastic to work with you, if you are a quality exporter, with a lot of experience, a “certified” exporter.

We want to introduce you to a project that will guarantee your certification for success!

If you are an exporter, have you lost customers in recent times, found it difficult to sell profitably, or faced unknown risks or barriers? Or found that your communication has not been effective in attracting new customers? Have you taken a long time to get results, lost business for not knowing the local culture, or invested in markets or partners that are not very profitable?… Have you used different strategies for different markets?

How about planning how to improve your prices, reduce the risks and time to achieve results, reduce the margin of eventual errors, increase the number of your customers, or increase their volume of information (what is the main basis of competitiveness)?

How about reflecting on the situation of what happened in the last years, “go back to the beginning” and find out what you did well, and what you should or could have done and didn’t do? To do all this you need to measure yourself, because it will not be possible to set improvement goals if we don’t know what needs to be corrected.

We offer a unique tool for this, the project “Export management in the hands of your company. Your guide to success”. This project includes: evaluation of your export management, training on a wide range of topics, and consulting.

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Who is the target audience?

The Program is aimed at all managers, technicians, and professionals who want to acquire the necessary skills to lead the transformation of companies through the implementation of internationalization, as well as veterans in export, who wish to deepen their knowledge in the subject and make their exports more profitable (Foreign trade managers, Internationalists, Export consultants and trainers, University professors, Export managers, Executives of foreign trade support services companies, Students, Executives of official institutions supporting and promoting foreign trade, Executives of trade and industrial associations, Executives of Chambers of Commerce, etc. ).

Do you want to export and don't know where to start?
Are you a veteran in exportation, but don’t know how to improve your cost effectiveness?
Are you having difficulty winning more customers, even after lowering your prices?
Do you know how to reduce the cost of importation for your importer?

You can learn all this and much more by actively participating in this course, which we prefer to call a project.

Watch the video presentation, and you will understand:

Learn how to export profitably, reducing costs and risks.

How? Improving the quality of your export management.

What can we measure?  There is an “infinity” of subjects that we can and should measure, for example: 

The profitability of the market, of the importer, the results of a trade fair or business mission, the level of waste in our company, the quality of our collaborators, the costs of logistics, the cost of lack of information, the cost to overcome unknown barriers, the productivity of our people, etc.

Our project allows you to make a diagnosis, a strategic plan of actions for route correction and training. 

  • Diagnosis: through the experience transferred with the 22 videos, texts, evaluation tests, you will learn what to do and what not to do.   

  • Plan: through the elaboration of the Export check up, the numerous suggestions and orientations, you will be able to elaborate an international plan (or to make changes to the plan you already have).

  • Method: through the videos, hundreds of links and complementary information, you will be able to act on the four parameters of the P.I.M.E. Method.

  • Promotion (e.g. improving the results of your participation in trade fairs and business rounds, preparing yourself better for  negotiations, gaining more visibility on the Internet, improving your visibility on the Internet, etc.). 

  • Information, for example by knowing new websites where to look for information about markets, customers, competitors, institutions supporting foreign trade, legislation.

  • Market, for example by knowing the existence of more attractive and less complex markets, distribution systems, how to communicate, import cost structure, etc.

  • Company, for example, will be able to identify a better distribution of tasks within the export department, compare the ideal profile of the export executive with the current one, a better management in the elaboration of offers, etc.

What will you achieve with this unique project?

Improve pricing: By selecting markets and importers based on more reliable information, knowing import costs, valuing the product with better communication, increasing the quality and reliability of information.

Reduce costs and risks: By being more informed, you are going to select better suppliers and customers, use more innovative ” tools ” for market management, and avoid or reduce eventual legal conflicts.

Reduce time: By selecting better importers, by improving work training, and by improving your knowledge of the export system.

Achieve greater integration in the company: By knowing the origins of possible failures and the responsibility of each of the areas of the company, you will create more fluid communication and collaboration between departments (with the supervision of the general management).

Objectives and advantages

Transmit experiences, methods, and information so that you can export more competitively.

If you are a beginner in the export business, this course helps you to boost your business to export, reducing inexperience costs, risks, barriers, and result times.

If you are a consultant or trainer, you will have a unique, “premium” product, saving time and increasing the value of your services.

If you are an export veteran, this course will help you do a self-assessment to improve prices and reduce costs.

Course structure: content of the chapters

Chapter 1 - The first steps

We will address the initial phases of an export process. It is not a coincidence that we start with the most common mistakes, because before starting it is essential to know what not to do, learning from the mistakes of others.

Main Topics

How not to export

Why export? Barriers to exporting

Risks in international trade

*Preliminary assessment of export capacity

**Integration in the company

Internationalization plan

Sequence of export activities

*Preliminary assessment serves to get an understanding of the company’s readiness to export.

*Another issue addressed, and one of the main barriers to exporting, is the lack of integration in the company (it may be more difficult to sell the idea of exporting in the company than to sell the product abroad, when there is no exporting culture at all levels of the company).

Chapter 2 - Information management

At the base of international competitiveness is an excellent information base. As we can see in the figure below, the variables of international trade are many and not always known, especially by novices. For this reason, we started working on our P.I.M.E. method through information.

In this chapter you will find many links that complement the information given.

Main Topics

Recommended information

Sources of information

International trade websites

Institutions, international agreements, and social network

Market and product profile

Chapter 3 - Communication and promotion

Once the universe of information has been examined, the next step is to address the world of communication and promotion.

A very important topic in this chapter is ‘cultural difference’, which greatly influences the success or failure of negotiations.

We address some of the main instruments of promotion, such as catalog, web site, advertising, and some tips on the important issue of legal aspects. We dedicate a particular focus on how to optimize the participation in international fairs, as they still represent one of the main means of promotion and it’s not uncommon that they do not receive enough attention.

Main Topics

Cultural differences and business travel

Brand management

Main promotional tools

Website and social networks

Contracts (considerations)

International trade fairs and missions

How to choose which trade fair to participate in?

Budget for participation in an international trade fair

What to do before, during, and after the trade show

Business missions

Chapter 4 - Market management

Our project follows its chronology: we are informed, we know how to promote. The next step is to enter international markets.

We consider this the key chapter of the whole project, since it has a determining influence on how we select the market, how we enter it, with whom we will work, with what product, and with what marketing policy.

Sometimes it happens that in reality we do little or nothing of all this, because we limit ourselves with a passive attitude to “manage orders” (i.e. we receive inquiries, answer them, and sometimes we win an order), no matter from which market, with whom, with what perspectives for the continuity of the business.

We want to motivate them, to assume an active attitude, doing the order management, rather than just “being bought”.

Main Topics

Market selection process

Product with international vocation

Criteria for selecting the form of market entry

Entry and permanence of a company in international markets

Analysis of the main forms of entry

Export of services

Selection of the partner/importer

Sequence of phases for partner selection

Price engineering

Chapter 5 - Company networks

This represents an extremely important topic specifically for European and Latin American SMEs: clustering.

Along with several success stories in the formation of export consortia, there have been a lot of failures especially in Latin America for a number of reasons (in our videos and texts we clarify this issue in detail). As a result, we have developed and implemented a model adapted to local conditions. The model is enterprise networks with the Integrated Competitiveness and Export Promotion System methodology. In this chapter, we detail what not to do, as well as what to do, why to do it,  and how to do it.

Main Topics

Why SMEs close

The alternative of clustering

Why to create a business network

How to create a network of companies and main mistakes

The services that a group could provide according to our method S.I.P.E. (Integrated System of Promotion of Competitiveness and Export)

When S.I.P.P.E. is successful

Chapter 6 - Foreign trade management in the company

The success of the company’s internationalization process depends largely on the quality and preparation of the foreign trade department. We would like to remind that the foreign trade department is not an appendix of the domestic market department, rather it is the heart of the company’s internationalization strategy.

One of the main barriers to exporting lies exactly in the lack of integration between the export department and the whole company, so much so that it is not uncommon that it is often more difficult to “sell the idea of exporting in the company” (involving all departments), than to sell the product/service abroad. Here I personally transmit my experience of more than 10 years as export manager.

Main Topics

Comex department responsibilities

Examples of organization charts

Export manager profile

The management of information, offers, and budgets

Chapter 7 - Excellence in the quality of management

This chapter is intended to be a summary of the main aspects to achieve competitiveness, a first self-assessment, and an orientation on where to eventually introduce improvements.

Main Topics

Competitiveness parameters in internationalization management

Where to improve?

Additional information

Final recommendations video


Chapter 8 - Export check-up

To continue with the practical and didactic style of our project, we end our long day with a method that we have developed over many years of activity, both as an export manager and as a consultant: EXPORT CHECK-UP.

It will serve you as a gauge or a meter, to check the level of competitiveness of your export management. Once you have detected the eventual deficiencies, you will be able to elaborate an improvement action plan for each analyzed area.

It is not a coincidence that you will find this at the end of the project, because by studying the texts, answering the evaluation tests, and attending the video lessons, you will certainly have the tools to identify where and how to make any corrections to improve your management, resulting in improvements in profitability, simplification of the management itself, a better relationship with customers, and most importantly, a reduction in costs, risks, errors, and time, to have more satisfactory results.

Main Topics

Structuring the Export check-up

Industrial and technological capacity of the company

Quality of information management

Quality of communication and promotion used

International market management

Foreign trade department

Price engineering

About Nicola Minervini

An Italian engineer and economist, Nicola lived for 25 years in Brazil where he worked as an engineer until he was hired by Asea Brown Boveri as export manager for Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

He was then head of marketing and export for a Brazilian company until 1985. Since then, he has dedicated his career to consulting and training. Over the years, Nicola has worked, in addition to Italy, in almost all Latin American countries, training executives, entrepreneurs, and academics. Through European Union projects, he carried out consulting activities in Vietnam, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia.

Nicola has collaborated with almost all foreign trade promotion institutions such as ICE of Italy, Promexico, Procomer, Apex, and academic institutions such as TEC University of Monterrey in Mexico, Getulio Vargas Foundation in Brazil, Consorzio Universitario CUOA of Vicenza in Italy, Ifoa and Master International Business, M.I.B of Trieste.


We would like to remind you in advance that we are not offering you a “ready-made cake recipe (and if the cake does not turn out good, as the recipe says, you must repeat it).

It is much more than this: we are encouraging you to think and analyze every process, in most of the activities you perform in exporting.

We want the maximum of your commitment: this is the only way to get results.

Why choose us?

  • For the experience of the author of the project with 45 years in the internationalization sector, having assisted dozens of institutions and companies in Italy, Latin America, the Far East, and several European countries; and for his books being a source of reference for hundreds of executives.

  • For the vast experience in online training of the Woman Forward Foundation.

  • For the system of tutorials and collaborative learning.

  • For the didactics of the course and the resources used; such as the numerous videos, the check up, the check list, the hundreds of links, the action plan formats, and the countless case studies.

  • For the quality and innovation of the contents (such as the export check up, company network, price engineering, etc.).

"It is much more than an online course, it is a competitiveness project"

Included in the course material are:

  • 1 eBook with 10 check list extracted from the book “The engineering of exportation”.
  • Throughout the course you will have access to all the videos and posts we make.
  • 1 virtual meeting of 3 hours live on a date to be agreed with the participants, for debates and to solve doubts.
  • Possibility of acquiring the basic book of this project: “La ingeniería de la exportación. La ruta para internacionalizar su empresa”, with discount directly from FC Editorial (in Spain, the physical version and the E-Book and in Latin America, the E-Book version).

The price of the course is 190€ (euros).


Miguel Ángel Martín Martín Consultor y profesor en cursos de internacionalización, Presidente fundador de ACOCEX, Primer presidente de INFEBEX Federación Internacional de Negocios y Comercio Exterior
There are many courses in the foreign trade market, and without a doubt “Export management in the hands of your company, your guide to success”, directed and carried out by Nicola Minervini is one of the most important and interesting ones to be done if what you want is to have all the training and information necessary to make strategic decisions in the world of foreign trade. Nicola Minervini is my main reference in the world of foreign trade. Many years have passed since one of his books fell into my hands and allowed me to grow as a professional and improve as a foreign trade consultant. It made me keep in mind all of the strategic variables necessary for commercial success in the foreign markets. This course, which is going on the market, will undoubtably allow students to learn not only technical knowledge about the main areas of foreign trade (marketing and sales, market management, preparation of the company to export, communication and promotion, self-assessment of competitiveness, department of foreign trade and company networks, but all of the experience of Professor Minervini acquired in the exportation activities of European companies.
Manuel Farías Martínez Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Technology of Monterry | FIME -UANL, Mexico
At the Technology of Monterry, we have invited Professor Nicola Minervini, both to offer training for update for teachers as well as to offer master lectures to students and the exporting community. The feedback comments from the participants have always been very positive. The knowledge and experience of Professor Minervini and his friendly and entertaining way are remarkable. His book, “Export Engineering” is a very complete guide for developing and effective strategy for the internationalization of a company. A compendium of knowledge and information expressed in a logical and orderly manner for students who are learning the subject as well as for professional who seek to deepen their knowledge.
Jose Franco M.,Ministery of Foreign Relations Professor of International Buisness Univeristy Andina Simon Bolivar Manager at Business Point Consulting and Associate Consultant at INCADECO Quito, Ecuador
The bibliography, the webinars, and the videos on Youtube of Professor Nicola Minervini have been reoccurring inspiration both for me and my international business students at several of the universities where I have been lucky enough to share the thought of the aforementioned professor. In effect, the use of the books on Engineering for Export and The Exporter have served as an academic guide to address issues related to the trinity of the product, the company, and the market. It is Professor Minervini’s books and other tools, unlike other texts on the subject, are perfectly adapted to the reality of countries such as Latin America. Based on the experience of the aforementioned professor in the international arena. Its contents touch on the critical and practical aspects of international trade, associative business networks, export audits, and also a series of tips and complementary information that make students learn-by-doing in an interactive and enriching way.
Henry Uliano Quaresma, CEO Brasil Business Partners
Professor Nicola Minervini has been a consultant and trainer in the implementation of Export Consortia of companies, in the footwear and textile products sector, in the period from 2000 to 2002, in addition to ministering training courses for export in the State of Santa Catarina, South of Brazil. On this occasion, I acted as Director of Industrial Relations of the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina FiESC. After that period, Nicola Minervini has continued in the two successive decades to give courses for trainers and entrepreneurs and consultancies in companies applying his “Export Check Up” method.
Rebeca Regalado CEO Dsprovider Leon Guanajuato, Mexico
I have had the great opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Nicola Minervini on several tours throughout the Mexican Republic promoting the entrepreneurial and international business culture with great success among prestigious educational institutions, foreign trade producing entities and category associations, conducting consultancies, export check up, classes for teachers, courses for executives. Since 1995 his series of books, “Export Engineering”, have been a valid support for the training of thousands of export executives. It has been a privilege for me to be able to meet Minervini and share with him his vision for strengthening SMEs in Latin American countries, which contribute to a large part of the formal economy of our continent.
Marcela Viviana Carol, Lic. International Trade President Camex
Eng. Nicola Minervini, is a renowned internationalization consultant, who collaborates with Latin American institutions, promoting economic development and providing business opportunities for growth and expansion to women exporters in Argentina. Since 2003, I have had the pleasure of learning about it though the Exporter’s Manual and it is important to note that this book illuminated my path as a university professor and business consultant. This year we jointly participated in the MUJERES EXPORTADORAS talk cycle organized by CAMEX and ARGENTINA EXPORTA TV and NICCOLA MINERVINI, who carried out a live Evaluation: Check-List: EVALUAITON of the EXPORT CAPACITY of Argentinian company Jasmijn. It is important to note that another of the characteristics that Nicola Minervini shares with the chamber is that of protecting the specific interests of the export sector and women businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals whose main business activity is to intervene in Foreign Trade.
Cesar Laines, Peru Executive Director America Exporta TV, Founder and mentor Founder and Mentor of the 100 Thousand Young Exporter Program and Executive Director OP TRADERS SAC
Nicola for me is a great teacher and mentor, his work serves to inspire young people, they understand in a didactic and very practical way what they must do to internationalize companies. For those of us who do not export to not stay in our comfort zone and be able to review to improve what we export today! It is timeless work that works for so many sectors. I read it 12 years ago and today it continues to be a benchmark. Every time I dive into its pages I always find something new that I must apply to improve. An oba for all professionals who want to internationalize their products or services.
Davi Piasecki, Curitiba, Brazil, CEO at OTC International Business
I have been working in the comex area for many years. I have always had the dream of opening my own company. However, I faced difficulties in finding a reliable source of information so that one day I could be an entrepreneur in the field. After much research, I discovered Professor Minervini, it didn’t take me long to buy his book “O Exportador”. It was at that moment that my dream began to materialize. I was so delighted with the methodology that I decided to take your “Export Manager” course. After that, I finally opened my company and since then have not stopped progressing. I consider prof. Nicola not only my intellectual mentor, but as the “Pope of Exports” I am so thankful that God has put such a person in my path. Thank you so much Professor Minervini
Víctor Martín Mondragón Gutiérrez, Founder and Editor of the DDE, Coordinator of the Handicrafts, Textile, Jewelry, and Goldsmith Committees of the Exporter Association Lima, Perú
Nicola Minervini is one of the people I follow closely and I had the pleasure of collaborating together through the Diario de Exportador (DDE). As the readers of the DDE, I do not stop reading your articles, given their interest and relevance to the world of business and exports. He simplifies and manages information so that it is more applicable to the reality of various business areas, adapting his language to his listeners, using rich and easy to understand metaphors, thus turning what could be complex concepts into something very manageable and accessible. It is an honor to be able to trust his powerful ideas and must recommend him. If you are interested in building an export business, (re)winning over customers and building sales. Nicola Minervini is your go-to person.
Lic. María Guadalupe Valdez Hinojosa, Professor of the Accounting Area of the technological institute of Piedras Negras, in Piedras Negras, Coahulia, Mexico
It is a pleasure to highly recommend Eng. Nicola Minervini as a Speaker since I had the pleasure of listening to him, of living that experience and I have read his book “Export Engineering”, the route to internationalize your company. Which has helped me to learn more about this current topic. A person of great preparation and a fine human being.
Erica Fernádez International trade manager, Madrid España
Brilliant!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Nicola is really a pleasure to read. As I have been able to tell you before, it is admirable how, despite his extensive experience, he does not seek to place himself above others with incomprehensible arguments. But rather, is capable of lowering himself to a level of inexperience and treating them one on one, without ever diverting the look of what happens in the real life of SME. Admirable!!! I feel very lucky to have this book at my disposal.
Márcia Paixão Professor of the Development of Economics of the Federal University of Paraiba (UFPB) Coordinator of the Probex COMEX Academic Extension Project UFPB Coordinator of the Export Training Program (PEIEX) in Paraiba (Fapesq-PB/ApexBrasil)
As a foreign trade professional and professor of Econoic Sciences with research and extension activites, I have had the privilege of having the support of Prof. Nicola Minervini in training courses for students and young entrepreneurs and in talks for public managers and society in general. From my state Paraiba, Brazil, we mainly focus on the export potential of local companies and artisans. Professor Nicola’s experience is essential to show the difference between the theory and practice of the professional and business market. Both from the prospecting phase of the potential business potential, through the product positioning strategy in in the buyer market to the process of the after-sales service. The teacher provides a concrete vision for achieving a successful partnership and sustaining it in the long term. His book “O Exportador” , his conferences and training are essential as an instrument to promote the growth and development of foreign trade of a company or territory.
Maria Porta Barcelona Spain Trainer of certificates of professionalism ub logistics and international trade consultant, Advisor and evaluator of the Institut Catala
In my work as a logistics and international trade teacher, the experience of Professor Nicola Minervini is an essential took for these training courses as it gives a real and objective view of international trade. His check-ups and negotiation strategies are extremely useful. In addition, in the conferences that he gives during some of my classes, he adorns his practical experience with anecdotes that make his presentation entertaining and useful for a real business strategy. In addition to being a great professional, Doctor Minervini is pleasant and accessible. He answers the doubts and questions that we have, both students and professionals, immediately, directly, and realistically.
Charmaine Alves. CEO at CA international Consulting
He has a wonderful and rich content of his entire professional journey sharing the videos
Renata Grasseschi Dunck, CEO RDunck Consulting. Sao Paulo Brazil
I gladly recommend the works of Mr. Niccola Minervini, a reference on how to truly prepare for export. I have seen some of your recent seminars and your new course. I can say with certainty that it is some of the richest material on the subject on the market
Marcio Sette Fortes Alternate Executive Director of Brazil at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Washington, USA
Professor Nicola Minervini is a global reference in internationalization and export management. I believe that his presentations, mentoring, consultancies and professional update courses in Europe, Americas, and Asia have shaped exporting companies and contributed, decisively, for the generation of more positive results, providing greater efficiency in the placement of its products in foreign markets
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