What is the Woman Forward Business Club?

It is a group of companies that wish to improve their equality and diversity objectives through their participation in a club that works with the expert professionals of the Woman Forward Foundation, defining objectives y areas of improvement, among others, the use of the foundation’s online tools.

With your company, equality
and competitiveness are closer
to all stakeholders


Comply with the legal framework of equality in the company through the tools of the Woman Forward Foundation’s online platform to accelerate the process of adaptation to equality objectives.

Help companies to implement an effective and efficient equality management system.

Promote the commitment of companies to gender equality and diversity at the highest level and disseminate it in the business ecosystem, making visible companies committed to change.

Help accelerate the step towards greater business innovation and competitiveness (World Economic Forum).

Promote a more sustainable working life, companies with greater attractiveness and increase the reputation among staff, clients, and other stakeholders.

Combine the social message, attracting, fostering, retaining female talent, and including the aspirations of women.

Benefits for your company


It contributes to the optimisation of business results through continuous learning for progress in business sustainability.


It makes different communication channels available to the company to multiply its visibility internally and externally.


Opportunity to generate, manage, retain, and expand a network of multistakeholder contacts that helps to deploy and generate synergies that provide added value to the company.

Descárgate el programa de formación y eventos de networking

Equality framework in the company

The Woman Forward Foundation has developed different tools through its online platform, which allow companies of all sizes to register, evaluate and comply with the legislation, in relation to their equality management activities.

Online management tools

A unique model

Equal Opportunities Diagnosis© and WF Equality Plan©

Remuneration Registry and Salary Audit©

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Harassment Report Channel©


Equality and Competitivenes Certification©


Ranking of the 25 best companies

WF Corporate Governance and Gender Equality Awards


Online tools for Equality Management

Remuneration Registry and Salary Audit (Coming Soon)

Remuneration Registry and Salary Audit (Coming Soon)

There are currently more than 16 different ways to measure the salary gap in IBEX companies. The Woman Forward Foundation has developed a methodology using its online platform, which allows harmonising its calculation, following the reporting guidelines of the EFRAG on non-financial Reporting Standards. The platform offers the registration of wages, measurement of the pay gap and the performance of pay gap audits.

Plan de Igualdad Woman Forward©

Plan de Igualdad Woman Forward©

Es una sistemática perfectamente articulada y automatizada para que la empresa, en función de las conclusiones del diagnóstico de Igualdad de Oportunidades WF©, defina los objetivos a conseguir y para ello, priorice un conjunto de medidas temporales y evaluables, orientadas a eliminar y/o mitigar las desigualdades y discriminaciones por razón de sexo, detectadas previamente.

The result of the analysis indicates which areas need changing and what can be done to improve the functioning of equal opportunity policies in the organisation.

SMART objectives


Companies interested in implementing actions that promote equality, can economically and effectively work in the businnes club with the monitoring of the foundation, in the improvement of its policies, through the establishment of

SMART goals

(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time based)

Metodología de trabajo

A partir de la plataforma que hemos desarrollado se trabajan, por medio de una agenda, los siguientes aspectos claves de interés para las empresas:


  • Eventos y networking
  • Colaboraciones en medios
  • Jornadas externas
  • Relaciones con diferentes stakeholders


  • Formación presencial y online
  • Herramientas de gestión sobre la igualdad
  • Realización de investigaciones


  • Administraciones públicas
  • Asociaciones empresariales y sectoriales
  • Entidades territoriales e internacionales

Membership modalities