What are the FWF Equality Management Platform Tools?

The Woman Forward Foundation have developed tools, through our online platform, that allow us to analyze the situation of the company in terms of equality and offer guidance on how to improve management.

Members of the Business Club are able to benefit from the use of the Foundation’s online tools.

Online tools for the management of equality in the company

Woman Forward © Equality Plan

A perfectly articulated and automated plan which, according to the results of the WF Equal Opportunities © diagnosis, defines what objectives that need to be achieved and prioritizes a set of temporary and evaluable measures, aimed at eliminating and/or mitigating the inequalities and discrimination based on sex.

Equal Opportunities Diagnosis Woman Forward ©

Quantitative and qualitative diagnosis that helps organizations to know their progress in respect to the establishment of action measures that contribute to developing their Equality Policy, resulting in improvements in all areas of employee management.

The diagnosis ensures compliance with regulations as well as the development of the company’s Social Responsibility.

Woman Forward Certification in Equality and Competitiveness ©

The certification is verified by national and international certification bodies, such as the World Compliance Association and EQA.

Through the certification the participating companies can brand themselves as a business that is committed to sustainability and competitiveness based on equal treatment and opportunities;  is actively improving their equality and diversity management policies; is ensuring compliance with equality regulations in Spain and internationally, and is committed to eliminating any negative impacts of business activity on social issues and human rights.

Woman Forward Remuneration Register ©

A tool, from the WF Foundation’s Cloud Platform ©, that emphasises transparency and management of equal pay between women and men. It is easy to use and guides you through the whole process, requesting the necessary information to create the annual register disaggregated by sex and by other salary and non-wage factors that contribute to the company’s remuneration system. Furthermore, it offers a communication model to the Works Committee. This tool auto-generates the Remuneration Register document identifying the existing deviations that guarantees compliance with the regulations.

Woman Forward Salary Gap Audit ©

It is an easy-to-use equal pay management tool between women and men, which guides companies to generate the Remuneration Audit Report together with the Action Plan for personalized Corrective Measures, thereby guaranteeing compliance in the field of equal pay.

Woman Forward Business Equality Index ©

The WF Equality and Competitiveness Index © evaluates, quantitatively and qualitatively, the equality policies within the company. An analysis is performed of the participation and representation of women and men in the workforce across various metrics.

Channel for reporting sexual and gender-based harassment ©

A tool for managing internal communications, concerning improper acts or behavior that is contrary to legislation or the established code of ethics, leading to cases of sexual and gender-based harassment. The tool guarantees speed and confidentiality.